Friday, April 13, 2012

Senior Show Poster

Based on the Forbidden Planet poster. 

Also, Single Rider got into Best of Ringling, so that's cool. I got to go to a preview opening of the gallery last night, but the actual show opens tonight. The invader space is available to play but the resolution of the display is wrong so the gun takes up half of the sorry, but I have no control over that. Its still fun though, and yes you can break it.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Post GDC Post

GDC went pretty much exactly how I expected it to: positive feedback on Funland images, pretty much no feedback on anything else. Didn't really have to leave Ringling for that but I did get some positive reinforcement and useful art tips that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise. Despite certain frustrations I am glad that some of my work was appreciated. I think the biggest thing I gained from being there is the realization that I need to figure out what I really want to do and the fact that I'm not doing that is the cause of most of my frustrations. Overall, I think I did very well and I was told that my work stood out among that of the other students who were there. I learned that texturing is my strength while lighting is my weakness so I will try to polish that up a bit before the end of the month.

This was the Single Rider panel at the Ringling booth. Mine was the only current senior work represented, the rest was from some of last years graduates. It was difficult to get a good picture of it. That tiny blurry part at the bottom is my name.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Another Website Update

I updated my portfolio site yesterday. Now when you click on the 'Thesis' tab there is a video of my current trailer. I'm not going to upload it to youtube this time so if you want to see it go there. This update includes spawn, invader, monster and beauty animation, as well as some effects and lighting tweaks, so check it out.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Monster updates

I really do love monsters. The other day I got this book by John Landis, a man who I'm pretty sure I must somehow be distantly related to , and it is so full of goodness.

 My favorite page is a collage of the classic monster carry.

Anyway, that brings me to my's alive! 

Animation is going well after a few hiccups in the beginning, mostly due to me not knowing what I'm doing at all. This is just a test to make sure that things are working well together before I try to put it in the actual level. I have all his actions split into four animations (walk, stomp, block and rawr) and I blended them together through matinee. The timing still needs some work and you'll have to imagine him being shot. I have the material change set up too, for after that happens. I still only have damage on his head, not sure what else I'm going to do with it, if anything, yet. This is also obviously not the angle it will be seen from.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Skeletal Mesh Lighting Issue

I don't know if anyone else has come across this issue yet, but I thought I'd share what I found in case you did.

So if it looks like this...

Change lighting bounds scale to 0 to get this....